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FinTrade Finance was established in 2015 and it is a licensed non-banking financial institution, registered in Bulgarian National Bank. The company is specialized in financing the micro and small business, including agricultural producers. The company’s goal is to ensure easy access to financial and information products and services for its clients by offering good quality at a good price. The company is led by its vision to affirm itself as an ally of the small business.

The company started operating in Northwest Bulgaria and just for a few months it managed to become more than successful. It reached the small retail outlets, entrepreneurs and agricultural producers across the country. The business model of FinTrade allows its clients to apply for accessible micro-funding, avoiding a complicated procedure in order to obtain and operate with working capital or investment funds aimed at raising the efficiency of their business and developing its potential.

Fintrade works with an established network of experienced sales representatives who establish and maintain contact with the customers around the country in order to offer the high quality financial solution, cooperation and business consultancy.

Main facts:

  • 70 employees
  • National coverage

Liulin, bl. 778, vh.1, office 18 Sofia, Sofia
1324 Bulgaria

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51-200 employees


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