White Card donates BGN 15,000 to disabled children at Center for Hope

White Card is donating BGN 15,000 for NGO I CAN TOO’s initiative to finance a mobile therapist for the needs of disabled children at the Center for Hope.

The non-banking institution, which has ease-of-access interweaved in its DNA, has encouraged all followers, friends and supporters of the idea to join the initiative aimed at collecting funds to finance a mobile therapist for disabled children at the Sofia-based Center for Hope. The two organizations produced a special Facebook video to promote the cause. During the campaign period, all posts urging for easier access to rehabilitation for disabled children, attracted a total of 7,031 likes, shares and comments. Instead of donating BGN 1 for each YES, the company decided to double the reactions and the donated funds to BGN 15,000.

The ultimate goal of I CAN TOOs’s Mobile Therapist programme is to secure regular motor rehabilitation for all heavily disabled kids at the Center for Hope. Factors such as lack of access, inconvenient transportation, difficult movement and the need to carry the children to the particular places where rehabilitation is offered deprives them of the possibility to take advantage of such rehabilitation. The programme will help over 50 heavily disabled kids from the Center for Hope to take advantage of lifesaving therapy at their own homes or through secured transportation to the center.

With its BGN 15,000 donation, White Card is launching a campaign to collect funds to buy a new vehicle modified to allow the transportation of people in wheelchairs. This will give the kids at the Center for Hope access to rehabilitation and better social life.

“We are very grateful to everyone who joined the campaign and gave their YES to the disabled children visiting the Center for Hope,” said White Card’s Tzvetan Krastev.

“We are thankful to our colleagues at White Card, because together we lifted the curtain and showed to everyone what care for disabled children means and the importance of therapy for their development. I am very happy about all the reactions that the video attracted, because they demonstrate how many people are engaged with this issue,” said I CAN TOO’s Desi Eneva.

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