Viva Credit Launches another Socially Significant Cause – Save the Planet

Viva Credit launched its Save the Planet campaign aimed at making the company’s clients better aware they can sign their credit documents not only on paper, but also online. The common goal of the initiative was and continues to be to raise public awareness about environment protection and encourage people who still sign paper documents to do that online. Anyone can join the campaign by applying for a credit online between March 25 and June 15 2019. Thus, we can all contribute to the cause of reducing the use of paper globally. For more information, you can visit one of the offices of Viva Credit or go to

The symbols of Save the Planet are special packages of flower seeds, produced especially for the initiative. Everyone who applies for a credit as part of the Viva Standard (Plan) 14 and 30 products worth BGN 200 to BGN 5,000 during the period of the campaign will receive a pack of flower seeds and will be asked to plant these seeds and take care of them. Participants in the campaign who make a photo of their grown seeds and send them to will be part of a sweepstake with 10 prizes – a book with useful advice on flower growing and a flower pot.

The goal of Viva Credit’s campaign is to give each of their clients a chance to make their own contribution for a cleaner environment and more reasonable use of our natural resources, while contributing to preserving our planet for the future generations as a whole. The spring flowers grown by the clients will become a symbol of purity and new life.

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