Easy Asset Management is in the top charts Employer of Choice and Graduate Survey

For another year, Easy Asset Management is a preferred employer in the prestigious Employer of Choice and Graduate Survey rankings. The top 100 most desirable companies among working people in Bulgaria and among students are determined on the basis of large-scale surveys with detailed surveys of over 50 questions.

The highest rated benefits of working people in 2020 – according to the Employer of Choice ranking, are:
· Good reputation among customers
· The strong and famous brand
· The offered high quality services and products
· Financial stability
· Opportunity for professional training and opportunities for development
All criteria which Easy Asset Management can be proud of having!

According to the Graduate Survey, this year students are looking for security in well-known brands and popular companies.
The top 5 reasons for choosing a preferred employer are the opportunities for development, training and growth in the company, as well as the option for professional training and the opportunity to work on various tasks.
The opinion of the students this year was also influenced by the reactions of the companies to the crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19. We remind you that the companies in the holding were among the first in the industry to respond with measures to protect and support both our colleagues and our customers.
The survey among students also measures through which channels they obtain information about an employer. The data shows that the three main channels for forming an opinion of a desired future employer are social networks, the recommendation of a person – relatives, friends, classmates or company employees, and the presentation of the company in a corporate website and advertisements.

Two well-deserved awards!

The Employer of the Selection survey examines for the second consecutive year the internationally recognized methodology of Modern Management Consulting, UK. It covers the whole of Bulgaria and is complemented by 8092 employees, middle and senior management from all industries.
The Graduate Survey was conducted in Bulgaria in the period February – May 2020 and is organized for the fourth consecutive year.

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