More than 7000 Romanians applied for an innovative credit card only a month after its launch

AXI Card is a flexible and innovative payment instrument, providing access to financing for people, regardless of their financial and social status

An international credit card, which provides financial inclusion regardless of financial and social status attracted only for a month over 7 000 Romanians who applied for AXI card. More than 1 500 requests have been already approved and over 1 100 cards delivered to customers, announced the international fintech company that recently entered the Romanian market, AXI Finance. AXI is an international credit card that has no issuance, service and local transaction fees. The fintech company explains the high interest towards its product with the simplified application procedure, by phone or online, without filling out any forms and fully remote process of getting the card. The client has also no fees when using any ATM in Romania.

“The credit cards market in Romania is developing steadily, as in the recent years a significant growth is reported, reaching about 2.4 million credit cards. However, penetration per capita is far below the levels of most of the European countries where on average a person uses one credit card. All this creates good prerequisites for the successful establishment and development of the AXI brand in the country. Our analyses show that Romanians need a flexible and convenient financial product, such as AXI card. Therefore we are confident that tens of thousands of customers that we aim to attract starting from 2017, will place trust in us and will be convinced of the benefits of the product”, said Laur Emilian, CEO AXI Finance in Romania.

The product is familiar on the Bulgarian market under the name White Card as the number of over 60 000 active users is steadily increasing in the country. AXI Finance is the international division of the Bulgarian company Access Finance Ltd. and the Romanian market is the first foreign market, where the successful Bulgarian company is penetrating, just a few months after the announcement of its expansion into the international arena.

“We have always been guided by our mission to provide flexible and innovative services through our credit cards, regardless the financial and social status of the customer, combined with excellent service quality. This is our way to contribute to the so-called “financial inclusion” – in particular, people who for a reason or another do not have access to traditional payment instruments can benefit from financial products. They could make credit card payments, mobile and online payments. We believe that AXI will provide all these benefits to our customers in Romania as well”, said Tsvetan Krastev, manager of Access Finance Ltd.

More about AXI:
White Card is an easily accessible international credit card for payments and shopping offered by one of the leading financial institutions in Bulgaria – Access Finance. The first card was issued in the country in 2013 and currently the number of active White Card cardholders in Bulgaria exceeds 60,000 people. For less than three years, the company’s customers have used over 80 million BGN to meet their needs. White Card is a mass product, that gives access for more Bulgarian citizens to this type of payment instruments, as well as the ability to purchase products and services online worldwide. In 2016 the company announced its entry into the foreign markets with its international brand AXI. The subsidiary in Romania, AXI Finance, started operating in the early 2017, just months after the announcement of the company’s expansion into international markets.

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