As a responsible company that is both concerned about the health and security of the community as well as about the economic prosperity and stability of the country, Management Financial Group took specific measures to facilitate those of our customers who experience or expect to experience difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have an immediate need of support. The MFG group consists of one of the leading companies in the fields  of consumer loans, loans for micro and small businesses, credit cards, digital business and other alternative financial products and services, among which are Easy Credit, Viva Credit, Biala Karta, Fintrade, Prospect Capital, Agency of Control of Outstanding Debts and others.

For those of our individual clients, who have regularly serviced their loans until the date of the announcement of state of emergency in Bulgaria and whose employment contracts have been terminated as a result of the announced state of emergency, we offer renegotiation of the due payments for a period of up to three months after they apply for the measure.

Empathy and entrepreneurship are deeply rooted in our corporate culture of an employer of over 8000 people in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. As one of the leading financial groups in non-banking financial services, it is of greatest importance to overcome this extremely difficult for citizens, companies and us situation, but also to provide the much needed help to the small and middle businesses in the country, which are the backbone of any economy. Hence, we developed specific individual approach to renegotiating the terms for those of our corporate and business clients, who have been impeded to do business due to the state of emergency.

In this moment of crisis and instability, the activity of the companies in our field is crucial for providing the most vulnerable people with access to financial resources that are much needed for them to meet their immediate needs and expenses.

„Bearing in mind the specifics of our products, business and repayment models, a moratorium over the repayments will hinder immensely the business activities of the companies in the sector of fast loans, on which a great deal of Bulgarians rely – both as an employer, and as a credit institution. We, as a business sector, are also negatively affected by the situation in the country and had to take measures within our organizations as to ensure the continuity of the business and the business processes in a time of reduced volumes and thus guarantee stability for our own employees and their income in this crucial for Bulgaria and the world moment,” shared Antonia Sabeva, CEO of MFG.

Management Financial Group