MFG took part in TEDxSofia Metamorphoses in April 2019. The TEDxSofia visitors had the chance to take a picture of themselves in front of a special installation that imitated a hot-air balloon with different plates with motivational sentences that they had to finish. The socially shared photos with the special hashtag #MFGМЕЧТА were granted cool presents. One of the enthusiasts won BGN 200 to fulfill a dream. Among the lecturers of TEDxSofia Metamorphoses were the chemist Bozhidar Stefanov, the geographer Evgenia Sarafova, the journalists Alexander Boytchev and Maria Cherneva. Among the other participants were the ex-drug addict Svetla Ivanova, the founder of the LGBTQ+ organization Single Step Ivan Dimov, the chili peppers producer Alexander Kyurkiev, the visual artist Emil Markov, the singer Roberta, the literary activist Svetlozar Zhelev and the unicycle champion Galina Ryom-Røjbek.

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