MFG Takes Part in Food Revolution Day at MALL Bulgaria

On May 17-18th, 2019, cooking workshops for kids were held across Bulgaria as part of the Food Revolution Day organized by the For the Food Foundation. Volunteers from around Bulgaria demonstrated to more than 5,000 kids what is the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. Events were held under the motto “Don’t Eat Junk, Eat Vegetables.”

MFG employees joined the biggest workshop in the country at MALL Bulgaria. There, the organizers from the For the Food Foundation, volunteers from our company and more than 100 children cooked healthy recipes in the company of Elena Petreliyska from Master Chef, her partner Nicky and singer Maggy Janavarova. The event began with a short presentation by Elena and Nicky about vegetables, where they showed live the content of their rich vegetable basked, asking children questions whether they knew the vegetables there and what are their useful qualities. After that, the two of them got on the stage to join the kids, helping each of them make a small “stump” using cucumbers and curd, decorated with carrot “branches”  and red peppers.

MFG’s volunteers helped prepare the stage – arrange and cover the tables, arrange all plates and spoons and distribute the food products. Some helped the kids find their way to the stands, where our volunteers welcomed them with a request to sign a declaration they were aware of potential allergens in the food products they would use to cook in the workshop. Other colleagues were occupied at the donations stand, where each visitors, who supported the cause, received a badge and a bag with the initiative’s logo. There was also a stand where, after the end of their participation, each kid got a certificate for their participation and a book of healthy recipes. Our volunteers carefully monitored if all children wear gloves and if everyone has enough products, plates and spoons to prepare the food. They also carried around the For the Food Foundation photo frame, which parents and their kids used to make photos as a memory from the event. In the end, everyone collected the waste after the cooking and took them to special waste disposal facilities. As an award, we were able to take photos with the stars of the day – chefs Elena and Nicky and singer Magi Janavarova.

Knowing how to eat, what foods to prefer and how to cook our food is critical for our health. The society we live in and the messages is sends are just as important: the advertisements of unhealthy food, the insufficient and inadequate education of children and parents about diet and eating habits, and the predominant availability of junk food. All this puts us and the future generation to a test: both physical and emotional. We need a change and this change is up to us. Each of us!

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