MFG donated BGN 30 000 to the Bulgarian Ministry of Health

As a socially responsible company, which is an inseparable part of the community, MFG joined the donors’ list in the joint fight against coronavirus outbreak. Our contribution of BGN 30 000 was made to the Bulgarian Ministry of Health. The funds will be used for the much needed protrctive gear for the medical workers and hospital equipment.

The entire world is in an extraordinary situation and now – more than ever – it is of the highest importance to be united as a community and show our engagement in preventing the outspread of the disease. Additionally, MFG launched an internal campaign among our employees to collect and distribute computer equipment for students and teachers in need as part of supporting the current homeschooling process in the country. Personal donations are also encouraged through the corporate MFG donation profile on in support of campaings benefiting the urgent needs during the crisis COVID-19 in Bulgaria.


Management Financial Group