MFG an advocate of outstanding leadership in Bulgaria

For the second year in a row MFG gave out an award at the most prestigious event for outstanding senior management in Bulgaria “Manager of the Year 2017“. Antonia Sabeva, CEO of Management Financial Group handed out the diploma to architect Plamen Miryanov from Artex Engineering as finalist, who ultimately won the title Manager of the Year.

The contest organized by Manager Magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary with a glamorous ceremony at the National Opera and Ballet in Sofia, attended by the most prominent business and state leaders. Honorary guests were Mariya Gabriel, the EU Commissioner for Bulgaria and Rosen Plevnevliev, former President.

Each of the 10 finalists were recognized with a special diploma for excellence in management, awarded by equally successful business leaders and public figures. Speaking on behalf of MFG, Antonia Sabeva pointed out that success comes as the result of long term and rigorous efforts of a team, united by the strong and charismatic personality of the leader, by the common values and will for continuous development, perfection and success.

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