Loans from Friends Hide Surprises

We have all happened to get support from a friend in the form of advice, service or a loan. We are sure that our friendship hides no surprises, but is this the reality of it?

Imagine you must react fast – you need to pay your bills, there is an Easter trip ahead or you are organizing your spring holidays with the kids. On top of it all, you are determined to finally fulfil your decade-long plans to repair your home.

As usual, such situations call for the help of your closest friend – the person who is always ready to lend a helping hand by offering advice, much needed assistance in rearranging the furniture, taking off the old wallpapers, tapping you on the shoulder and last but not least – borrowing you some cash. Your friend will simply smile and, as it has happened often in the past, will say: “How can I help you? How much money do you need?” It’s a huge temptation – your friend’s financial situation, if not better, is certainly a little better organized in time, space and their personal wallet.

Now, imagine the following hypothetical situation. You borrow some cash from Pepi to finally buy the larger TV set you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Pepi has always helped you, but every loan you’ve been getting from him has come with a couple of “hidden clauses” – every Saturday, you have to take care of his two kids, you’ve helped him take off the old wallpapers at his home, you chop his wood for the winter, you’ve had to water his plants that summer, when he decided to spend the holidays with his family at the seaside, and all sorts of other “small” chores. Hmm, did you really need to borrow those BGN 300 from him? It would have been so much easier if you had just taken the money from Easy Credit.

In 2019, videos from Easy Credit’s latest image campaign “Loans from Friends Hide Surprises” will remind of a comedy series with reality elements telling the story of friendship and the money that often stands in the way. The main characters are played by two friends and their families. One of them often asks his friends to borrow him some money and is always frustrated because eventually it turns out he has to return the favour. By showing you these various situations in our videos, we actually want to demonstrate that friendship exists in all shapes and sizes. There are friends who would ask you to accompany them in their attempt to climb Mount Everest, just because they once borrowed you some money. There are also those who will always be on your side, no matter what you ask them for, and will never find you unprepared – they will spare you worries about your kids and your dog and will prove that friendship is not always measured by the number of returned favours. When it comes to those friends, all accounts are square and relationships are clear. In other words – good loans, good friends!

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