Statement for Protection, Confidentiality and Privacy of Personal Data of Job Candidates (in accordance with GDPR)

As part of every staff recruitment procedure, Management Financial Group JSC (“the Company”) collects and processes personal data related to the job candidates. The Company hereby commits to be transparent with regard to the way of collecting and using such data and of fulfilling its data protection obligations.


What kind of information we collect?

The Company collects a set of information about you. This includes:

  • Your name, address and contact details, including email address and phone number;
  • Details about obtained qualifications, skills, professional experience and length of service;
  • Information about your rights to work in Bulgaria.

The Company may collect this information in different ways. For example, data can be part of your job applications, CVs or resumes, from your passport or other identity documents, or being collected during interviews or other forms of assessment.

Furthermore, we can collect personal data for you from third parties, for example, previous employers in relation to job references. This information will be asked from third parties only after we make you a job offer, and we will inform you about the actions we have undertaken to this effect.

Data will be stored at different locations, including in the registration of your application, in the human resources management systems and in other information systems (including email).


Why does Management Financial Group JSC process personal data?

We should process personal data in order to undertake the required actions in relation to your request, before we proceed to entering into contract with you. Furthermore, we may need to process your data in order to enter into the contract itself.

In some cases, we need to process personal data to be sure that we fulfil our statutory requirements. For example, we are under the obligation to verify whether the candidate is entitled to work on the territory of Bulgaria before appointing them.

The Company has legitimate interest to process personal data during the staff recruitment procedure and to keep records throughout this procedure. Job candidates’ data processing will allow us to manage the staff recruitment procedure, to assess and confirm the candidate’s ability to perform the work and to decide who will offer the job to.

If your job application is not approved, the Company may keep your personal data in a dossier, provided future job opportunities you would be appropriate candidate for appear. Before proceeding to your personal data storage for this purpose, we will ask for your consent, which you will be able to withdraw at any time.


Who has access to the data?

Your information may be internally exchanged for the purposes of carrying out the staff recruitment procedure. This includes the members of the human resources departments, the staff recruitment officers, interviewers and those involved in the recruitment process, the heads of departments with job vacancies, the security department and the IT employees, if the access to such data is required for performing their functions. Your personal data may also be provided to third parties with whom Management Financial Group JSC has entered into a contract for the processing of personal data. Upon your request, information about the companies under the previous sentence and the main characteristics of the contracts will be provided to you.

We will not share your data to third parties, unless your job application has been approved and we make you a job offer. In this case, we may share your data with pervious employers in order to obtain some information about you, as well as with the individuals who are competent with regard to your previous employment, in order to make the required preliminary investigations.


How does Management Financial Group JSC protect the data?

We address the security of your data in a responsible manner. We have internal policies and controlling mechanisms in place, which guarantee that your data will not be lost, accidentally damage, used or disclosed in an unauthorized manner, and that they are not accessible to any individuals other than our employees, and furthermore – in the course of proper fulfilment of their duties.


What is the time period in which Management Financial Group JSC stores the data?

If your job application has not been approved, Management Financial Group JSC will store your data on a file/ dossier for a period of 6 (six) months after the end of the respective recruitment procedure. If you agree to give us your personal data on file/ dossier, we will keep your data on file/ dossier for another 6 (six) months for any possible future job opportunities. At the end of this period, or once you withdraw your consent, your data will be erased or destroyed. Upon submitting your CV, you will be asked whether you give your consent for storage of your data for the entire 12-months’ period for the purposes of being considered for other position, or not.

If your job application has been approved, your personal data collected during the recruitment process will be transferred to your employment dossier (on electronic and hard copy) and stored for the period of your employment. You will be notified again for the periods your data will be stored for.


Your data

As a data subject, you have a set of rights. You are entitled:

  • to access to and obtain a copy of your data, upon request;
  • to ask the organization to replace wrong data or incomplete data;
  • to ask the organization to erase or cease processing your data, for example, the data that is not needed for the processing purpose anymore; and
  • to object to the processing of your data, where the Company relies on its legitimate interest as legal grounds for processing.


If you want to exercise any of the above rights, please contact


If you believe that the Company has not respected your rights in relation to the personal data protection, you can refer the issue to the Personal Data Protection Commission.


What happens if you fail to provide personal data?

You are not subject to contractual or another obligation to provide data to the Company during the recruitment processes. Nevertheless, if you do not provide information, we may be unable to process your application properly or unable to process it as at all.

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