iCredit for the Children of Ukraine

Our colleagues at iCredit Ukraine joined the annual Run under the Chestnut Trees marathon, which is held on the day the hero-city of Kiev celebrates its holiday. Every year, the marathon reminds citizens of congenital cardiac diseases and ways to solve them, attracting the attention of all Ukrainians and major media in the country.

The goal of the marathon is to collect charity funds for the Scientific Practical Medical Center for Child Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery with Ukraine’s Healthcare Ministry, where up to 3,000 children get treatment annually. Every year, about 5,000 kids with congenial cardiac abnormalities are born in the country. Although only 70% of those in need of emergency surgery can be treated in the Center, the number of saved lifes grows by the year. Meanwhile, the percentage of death cases during life-saving surgery has dropped 16 times for the past eight years!

The funds collected during the run for the Scientific Practical Medical Center for Child Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery were used to buy the latest high-quality medical equipment. The funds collected in 2010, for example, were invested in the first Artificial Heart device in Ukraine; in 2013, the money went to buy the third CS300 intra-aortic balloon pump, which maintains the blood pressure of young patients during surgery, while in 2018 it was invested in the first EnSite cardiac mapping system in Ukraine.

The competition was held for the 27th year in a row, traditionally attracting about 18,000 participants. The competition in itself is a collection of several runs for every taste. The marathon brought together people of all ages, professions, and companies, professionals, dog owners, visually impaired people, children and parents pushing baby prams.

Our colleagues at iCredit were also there, confident that their participation will become a tradition. “We are happy to support our youngest fellow-Ukrainians, because they are our future,” said Yaroslavl Milerov, iCredit Ukraine Marketing Manager.

As a follow up to the procedure, in June 3 2019, representatives of the company visited the Scientific Practical Medical Center for Child Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery to bring presents to the kids currently treated there, including a TV set, toys, and diapers for the youngest ones. Thus, kids will be able to watch cartoons all the time, and their mothers will be able to take a breath and spend some time away from their constant cares. Babies, on the other hand, will feel dry and comfortable. The benefactors were welcomed warmly in the centre and promised the children undergoing treatment there that they will soon bring new presents.


Future plans include purchasing professional medical equipment to allow the seamless and contemporary performance of manipulations in the center.

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