Fintrade helps the children of Bulgaria study remotely

Fintrade joined the initiative of Management Financial Group to gather used computers and donate them to children and teachers in need. Working tablets and telephones were shipped to the regiona of Vidin to find their new owners among families in need in the campaign of Ideas Factory“ – „You have a computer you don’t need – donate it to a family in need“. Additional non-working tablets and phones were provided to Ecologica for repair or recycling within the same campaign. More on the initiative, supported by Fintrade and MFG, you can find here.

Since the beginning of the state of emergency in Bulgaria all students started studying remotely. Unfortanutely, many families lack the necessary equipment and a lot of teachers and students cannot fully participate. Technology and digitalization is a key element of our business as a holding. As part of our civil duty and as part of our mission to stimulate personal volunteering and personal donations among our colleagues, MFG launched an internal campaign to collect working computers, tablets and phones and aid the future of Bulgaria – the students, to easily go through those challenging times.

Management Financial Group