As a group of companies, we strongly believe in generating opportunities for financial inclusion of people by adhering to the principles of responsible lending and personal approach towards customers, who are the essence of our business. We operate in compliance with the law and national and international norms. We uphold rigorous ethical standards and put emphasis on customer well-being. But our daily efforts at work are not only to meet our customers' needs and help them achieve their goals. We seek opportunities to go beyond what is required and obligatory. 

The companies within MFG maintain CSR policies promoting socially-beneficial initiatives beyond business interests. Throughout the years, we have promoted corporate philanthropy through donations to charity, community volunteering of employees, cause-related marketing and behavior-change marketing aimed at boosting financial education, sponsoring sports and arts events and supporting underprivileged social groups and environmental causes. Being a good corporate citizen has been and will remain an imperative for us. 

Should you seek support for a noble cause, do not hesitate to contact us at

We extended our hand to a young, but ambitious Bulgarian non-profit organization called Code Success Foundation. CSF’s mission is to establish grounds for social inclusion and de-marginalization by boosting social alternatives and innovations via modern technology. CSF rolled out its project Code Success Academy with special blended classes for learning Mathematics, ICT, English and Bulgarian, providing VET education in Bulgaria. Find out more at