Who we are

Management Financial Group (MFG) is a holding company, uniting leading providers of non-bank financial services in Central and Eastern Europe. MFG provides a rich portfolio of credit products and services for natural and legal entities and has developed multiple successful business models aligned with customers’ needs – home collected personal loans, online and offline lending in offices and partner networks, loans for micro and small businesses, credit cards, digital business and other alternative financial products and services.

MFG brings together companies with different experience, history and traditions. Some of the institutions in the structure of MFG are in the initial stage of their development, some are rapidly developing and growing, others are well established in their industry with over 12 years of experience. Almost 8,000 employees and associates in 400 offices in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Macedonia take care of our over 330,000 customers.

Our philosophy

We are guided by our mission to ensure financial inclusion for all people and our vision of growth. We are determined to establish MFG as one of the fastest growing providers of financial technology products and services to the people, ensuring their financial inclusion.

We work enthusiastically to develop an international group of companies providing high-tech financial products and services for our customers. We are customer-oriented and aim to meet our customers' changing needs and preferences. We strive to hire and retain the best people and implement different practices to ensure their development opportunities and high level of engagement. We operate in compliance with the law and national and international norms. We uphold rigorous ethical standards and put emphasis on customer well-being, embedded in our corporate social responsibility strategy. We share knowledge, experience and different approaches in our companies and never put conventional limits before ourselves. This way we accomplish our goals together.