Eliza Andre Tokeva joins the family of Bobby and Jackie in White Card’s new promotional/advertising video
„Is it payday yet“ became a total hit among thousands of Bulgarians

„Is it payday yet“ is no longer just Bobby and Jackie asking themselves this question, but also the new member of their family – Iva. The funny video continues the line of inspiration from consumer attitudes that in the week before the salary there are unforeseen expenses and a desire for new goods.

And for Bobby and Iva, surprises are coming. The young couple is expecting their first child. An important step in life for which you need to prepare quickly. Because time and money are never enough, a White Card comes to the rescue, giving them access to money when they need it, without waiting for a payday.

The first of the two videos introduced us to Bobby and his desire to have a lot of fun, to have the latest PlayStation model or just to surfing the Internet. His faithful friend Jack Russell Terrier Jackie, like Bobby, reacts emotionally to the inability to enjoy new toys in the week before the salary. The story continues and now we meet Iva, who seems to fit perfectly into the family of Bobby and Jackie.

In the role of Iva we see the talented Eliza Andre Tokeva, who perfectly embodies the image of the modern woman with her many roles and responsibilities. Eliza herself is actively involved in various projects and realizes herself not only as an actress but also as a teacher, assistant director and also tries to develop her business ideas. At the age of 18, Eliza got a role in the film “The Way to Costa del Maresme “, which is also the Bulgarian Oscar nomination for a foreign language movie, and in 2018 she became an assistant director in the German-Bulgarian production “Pelican Blood”.  Then she went to Berlin to be Thomas Ostermeier’s assistant director. She studied acting, teaches at school, and in 2017 created a space that combines delicious food with an artistic environment.

The fun campaign is the work of the creative agency All Channels Advertising, part of the communication group All Channels Communication, which will be a partner of  White Card in the next two years.

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