Who we are

Management Financial Group (MFG) is a socially responsible company implementing successful social and voluntary corporate initiatives that target various communities in Bulgaria and beyond. MFG’s employees take active part in defining the directions of the company’s social responsibility activities, giving their preferences to the following fields of social support:

  • Financial education and financial inclusion for all;
  • Children and adults in unequal social status and disabled children and adults, as well as their families;
  • Healthy diet and active lifestyle for all;
  • Early child development and education;
  • Environment protection activities.

The modern way to help the society is to give our personal contribution, but when this contribution is supported by the company we work for, by our colleagues, friends and family, we can actually hope to achieve a positive change on our way to a better future. As a group and individually, MFG’s employees support all sorts of causes by donating their voluntary work, thus helping our society change as a whole.

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