The iCredit brand operates on the model of consumer lending delivered to a customer’s home. The convenience for the customer to quickly receive money directly to their home or an address stated by the same has quickly become popular on three markets. The first office of the company was established in 2009 in Ukraine, two years later it launched its operations in Romania as well, and in 2014, the home lending model was also multiplied in Poland.

More than 1600 employees and credit advisors in Romania, 650 in Ukraine and 350 in Poland are involved in serving the financing needs of customers from different countries, providing fast and timely credit service.

Main facts 

Ukraine: 2009
Romania: 2011
Poland: 2014

Ukraine: Easy Credit LLC
Romania: Easy Asset Management I.F.N. S.A.
Poland: ICredit sp.z.o.o.

Ukraine: More than 60 offices and 6 money shops. Located in 45 settlements
Romania: 107 offices and 3 money shops. National coverage in 87 settlements
Poland: 21 offices located in 52 settlments


Public Company

Ukraine: 15 Obolonska neberezhna Str, Corpus 4, Kiev, Ukraine
Romania: str. Logofat Tautu, nr. 67, et. P, 1, 2, 4, 5, sector 3, Bucuresti
Poland: ul. Orla 13 lok. 10, 90-317 Lodz

Company website:
Ukraine: http://www.icredit.ua/ 
Romania: http://www.icredit.co.ro/ 
Poland: http://www.icredit.pl/  

Home Collected Credits

Company Size
Ukraine: 940 employees
Romania: 1638 employees
Poland: 521 employees

Management Financial Group