Easy Credit

The company and its staff, which exceeds 3500 employees and credit consultants (CC) in Bulgaria, offer access to financial products and services to anyone who for one reason or another do not use traditional financing. Easy Credit’s products are entirely in compliance with the needs and plans of the customers: Easy Credit, Credit Pensioner, Easy Month, Easy Max and Easy Incredo. They can be disbursed at clients’ homes by CC of Easy Credit as well as at over 2000 branches of the Bulgarian Post all over the country.

Easy Credit was recognized as ‘Company of the Year 2015’ in the ‘Finance Sector’ category at the annual Business Lady Media Awards and also was praised for ‘Sustainable development, responsible lending and ethics in the non-banking sector”.

The carried out research indicates that Easy Credit is the most popular brand on the non-banking lending market in Bulgaria. Easy Credit is the brand that every fourth Bulgarian associates with ‘small personal loans’. Another study shows that among the leading non-banking financial institutions in Bulgaria Easy Credit is the most responsible company within the industry.

Easy Credit has built a network of over 150 offices all around Bulgaria.

Main facts:

  • 3500 employees and credit consultants
  • 150 offices in Bulgaria
  • 95% national coverage

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