Axi Card

In 2017, AXI Card brand is launched on the Bulgarian market. AXI Card is a non-banking Mastercard credit card with fast, modern and personalized service. The brand is inspired by the active lifestyle of urban people for whom time is money. The credit card is aimed at the mass segment of financial services users. Applying for an AXI Card credit card is completely online with fast approval and attractive terms of use and a credit limit that is fully tailored to suit the customer’s individual profile.

An international expansion of the brand was initiated in the same year in Romania, and in 2018, the AXI Card model was replicated in Poland as well. In 2021 the brand established its presence in Spain. Customer service has been provided through a call center as well as online through the brand’s website, social media, sms and chat. Since starting operations and launching the brand in Romania and Poland in the beginning of 2018 until Q1/2019, AXI Card could boast over 16,000 active customers of AXI Card in Romania and over 3,000 customers in Poland. Day-to-day efforts of local teams on both markets are the key generators of those ambitious results.

Main facts

Bulgaria: 2017
Romania: 2017
Poland: 2018
Spain: 2021

Bulgaria: Access Finance
Romania: Axi Finance IFN S.A.
Poland: Easy Payment Services OOD
Spain: Access Finance S.L.

Company information: 
Romania: 16 423 active clients as of Q1/2019
Poland: 3 643 active clients as of Q1/2019

Bulgaria: Sofia, Bulgaria, 1 Balsha St
Romania: Bulevardul Primăverii, Nr 19-21, Etaj 3, București 011972
Poland: Ul. Żurawia 22, Warszawa
Spain:  Av. de Manoteras 24, 2ª planta, 28050 Madrid

Company website

Credit Cards & Digital Business

Romania: 73 employees
Poland: 51 employees

Public Company

Management Financial Group