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“Easy Asset Management”, commonly referred to with its brand name ‘Easy Credit’, has been established in 2005 and is a leader in Bulgaria in non-banking home collected crediting segment. The company is a licensed financial institution operating under the monitoring of the Bulgarian National Bank.

Easy Credit became the first Bulgarian company for small personal loans that expanded on the international markets. The company operates there under its international brand name – iCredit. The financial institution has operations mainly on the markets of Central and Eastern European, such as Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Czech Republic.

The network of experienced Credit Consultants who identify potential clients and build strong relations with them through maintaining regular contact are key to the success of the company. EAM’s business model is also based on a unique scoring system and proprietary software.

Liulin, bl. 778, vh.1, office 18 Sofia, Sofia
1324 Bulgaria

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5000 employees


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