Between consumers and product, the connection must be as tight as… love and marriage. This is what AXI Finance, daughter company of Access Finance, and MullenLowe Romania, after a creative pitch won by the agency, are fully developing in the recently-launched communication campaign for

AXI Card – an innovating product providing the public with extremely easy access to personal loans, that is present in Romania, where there are 25,000 AXI cards active and the clients are serviced by a team of 81 employees. Axi Card is also popular in Poland, Spain and Bulgaria. And about time for such campaign. The NBFI market (non-banking financial institutions) was as crowded as it was unidirectional, communication-wise, solely on the loan’s speed of approval. But inside the house of a regular Romanian family… what actually goes on?


Meet the Bandi-Ncard family (roughly pronounced ‘Bundyn-Card’). A couple like any other in Romania, married… with children. Probably with a dog too – and two wealthier neighbors. Seeing as month by month they have to make the household’s financial ends meet, they do have a trustworthy helper: AXI Card. Now may any unexpected expense come (even extending its arms from behind the sofa), that with AXI Card in your hand, you won’t stress out. It almost sounds like some random American sitcom from the 90s, right? One whose soundtrack even the famous Sinatra would be proud to sing, right? Well, the story of the ultra-Romanian Bandi-Ncard family can be watched HERE.


“The regular Romanian public always appreciates good comedy. And thank heavens, we’ve had some very good comedies airing throughout time: MASH, Seinfeld, Cheers, Friends… It would’ve been so cool if we’d also had a sitcom about some regular family – be it even American, but one with whom Romanians could associate in an instant. So, we decided to create this concept ourselves. Thus, was the Bandi-Ncard family born. Two spouses who, despite the different financial or domestic hurdles they may pass, succeed in overcoming them every time – with a little help, that is”, added Vladi Păunescu, Senior Copywriter, MullenLowe Romania.


Each year, more and more Romanians prefer the card as a payment method for daily purchases or high-value expenses. Therefore, in response to their needs, we launched a flexible product, easy to access and use, a solution for any unforeseen expense that may come their way. But our competitive market follows a similar communication pattern in the campaigns. So, we set out to differentiate ourselves from our competitors with an approach that focuses on the client, the same as our business – and the team from MullenLowe offered the best solution”, said Petya Dimitrova, Group Brand & Social Media Manager, Management Financial Group, part of which is AXI Finance.


The campaign will be present on TV, radio, and social media.


Teams involved in the project:

MullenLowe Romania: Silviu Antohe (Executive Creative Director), Mihai Costache (Group Creative Director), Vladi Păunescu (Senior Copywriter), Mario Francisco (Art Director), Adrian Radu (A/V Director), Andra Panaitescu (Client Service Director), Adriana Tudoran (Account Director).

AXI Finance: Petya Dimitrova (Group Brand & Social Media Manager).

Management Financial Group