Who we are

Management Financial Group (MFG) is a holding company, uniting leading providers of non-bank financial services in Central and Eastern Europe. MFG manages a rich portfolio of successful business models in the field of consumer loans, loans for micro and small businesses, credit cards, blockchain-powered financial services, digital business and other alternative financial products and services.

MFG brings together companies with different experience, history and traditions. Some of the institutions in the structure of MFG are in the initial stage of their development, some are rapidly developing and growing, others are well established in their industry with over 14 years of experience. More than 7,700 employees and associates in nearly 450 offices in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Macedonia take care of our customers.

In addition, MFG is focused on developing and commercializing a comprehensive portfolio financial services, including deposits, lending, payments and investments.

Guided by its mission and vision of growth, MFG has ambitions to establish itself as one of the fastest growing providers of financial technology products and services to the people.

Our philosophy

At Management Financial Group, we are guided by our mission to provide access to funding for all people. We are constantly proving that we are socially significant, socially responsible, and we are developing both economy and lives of our clients for the better with each of the companies in our group.

We work enthusiastically to become a leading and sustainable group of companies providing high-tech financial products and services for the benefit of consumers, employees and society. We share knowledge, experience, and various worldviews within our companies and set no boundaries so that we can achieve our goals together.

We develop financial and technology products and services for the benefit of people. We strive to keep them in tune with current demands of consumers, to meet their expectations, but also to offer a new experience unknown so far. We do not set limits on our imagination in order to achieve even the most unattainable goals. We think progressively and strategically, and our ultimate goal is for our ideas to be implemented, accepted and borrowed in the best possible way.

We have the ambition to establish ourselves as one of the fastest growing financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. We attract talents, invest in them, develop them, and turn them into ambassadors of our companies beyond our current geographical outlines. Many of the employees of the individual companies in the group have more than 10 years of experience in them, which contributes to the sustainable spirit of MFG and is a secure path to the future.

Management Financial Group