3,000 from Easy Credit for a Greener Future

Throughout our lives, we all sign countless paper documents for all sorts of activities and services – when we start a new job, when we sign new subscription plans with mobile operators, when we buy household appliances, when we apply for credits to finance our education, home decoration, Christmas presents, family holidays…

You have probably wondered what happens to all those documents that you, your friends or family signed many years ago. Where do all these tons of paper go at a time when the world is growingly talking about ways to deal with global heating through resource optimization? Who needs to store so much forgotten information in cabinets forever?

We have the answer – there are legislative regulations obliging us to store various documents and the personal data they contain for a certain period of time (the periods vary depending on the various types of regulated relationships). However, it is up to the owners of these documents to decide what will happen to them once the specific deadlines pass.

We at Easy Credit strictly abide to all legislative regulations and act responsibly once the storage deadlines for all paper documents expire. Therefore, instead of disposing of all papers stored in our cabinets once the given terms have passed, we have decided to send some of them for recycling and organized the dispatch of over 7,000 kg of waste paper. In return, we got BGN 1,840. The company added another BGN 700 and we used the money to buy a total of 3,000 trees (spruce) that have been planted to create a small forest, our oxygen contribution to the resources used to combat harmful emissions in Sofia’s gasping atmosphere.

The first tree was planted by Easy Credit CEO Stephan Kolev with the help of friends, company employees and volunteers. The beautiful green forest, though young, already brings joy to the residents and visitors of the Vitosha natural park near the Boyana district. Meanwhile, everyone wondering what is going on with it is welcome to visit and see with their own eyes anytime of the year. You will recognize it by the sign: “3,000 trees from Easy Credit for a Greener Future”.

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