As a group of companies, we strongly believe in generating opportunities for ‘financial inclusion’ of people by adhering to the principles of responsible lending and personal approach towards our clients who are in the essence of our business.

In the daily efforts that we apply in our work in order to meet the needs of our clients and partners, we see opportunities to help. These are options that carry a complete benefit for the society of which we are eager to respond with instant decisions and measurable actions.

In regard to this matter, our efforts as a corporate citizen are aimed at improving the social aspects of the surrounding environment by placing activities with high added social value for everyone.

In order to achieve all of our ambitions in this regard, as well as to be consistent and focused on the care of our society, we extended our hand to a young, but ambitious non-profit organization, Code Success Foundation.

Code Success Foundation is a Bulgarian based NGO in public benefit with focus in Central and Eastern Europe.

CSF’s mission is to establish grounds for social inclusion and de-marginalization by boosting social alternatives and innovations via modern technology.

At present CSF is rolling out its project Code Success Academy. It provides offers special blended classes for learning Mathematics, ICT, English and Bulgarian, providing VET education in Bulgaria.

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